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A Thanksgiving Story.

We have quite a large family. At Thanksgiving we all get together. Mom cooks the Turkey and everyone else chips in to help prepare the meal. Even the kids join in, setting the table and putting out the dishes. You could call it a real old fashioned traditional American family Thanksgiving. There is lots of warmth and laughter and as we sit down to eat we always stop for a moment to give thanks for all the we have as a family together.

Last year, just as we were getting everything ready, one of the kids knocked over the carton of cream that was going to be part of the dessert. No harm, no foul, we weren’t going to let it upset the occasion and anyway the local gas station store was only just down the road so I jumped in the truck to go get some more. As I arrived at the store I passed this old guy – well he was probably about my age – sitting on the ground with his dog. He wasn’t dressed for the near freezing temperatures and didn’t look like he had any food. I walked past him and then turned back to ask him when was the last time he had eaten a hot meal. He smiled and said that he couldn’t really remember unless you counted the half eaten burgers that he pulled out of the dumpster.

With a sad feeling in my heart I gave him a few bucks and moved on to get my cream and go on home to the abundance of warmth and food that I would share with those who loved me.

I thought about this man a lot over the next few weeks. I even went looking for him but never found him again, I am not sure what I would have said to him if I had met him, but something changed inside of me. And that is why this year my whole family and I found ourselves at the rescue mission on Thanksgiving. From 10 am to 2 pm we served up full Turkey dinners to all sorts of people, not just us but a whole team of volunteers. Then after that we went home and, a little later in the day than usual, we had our own family Thanksgiving celebration.

As we sat and gave thanks for all that we had as a family together, there was a little more warmth in our hearts, the kind that comes from knowing that you have done something worthwhile.

I am not saying that we are going to do this every year, but we are dedicated to making sure that it happens and even if we can’t all serve the meals we can make sure that the money is there to buy the Turkeys and the trimmings so that those who are in need can have their own Thanksgiving while we enjoy ours.

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More Than Life inc is a 501(c)3 registered not for profit organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.

Ten Thousand Turkeys

Our goal is to give either a full Turkey dinner at a local feeding center or a Turkey for a family to cook at home to 10,000 people who can't afford to feed themselves and their families this holiday season.

By making your donation to More Than Life - Turkey Club America you can help feed a hungry family this holiday season.

More and more middle class American families are having to rely on food banks and charities for the basic necessities of life. Breadwinners who have lost their jobs, had their homes foreclosed and gone from relative affluence to poverty through no fault of their own.

Please help us to reach our goal of providing a turkey dinner for 10,000 needy children, families, seniors and veterans this Holiday Season.

2016 Target Met !

Thanks to the generosity of our members and supporters we met our target of providing a turkey of a turkey dinner for over ten thousand hungry children, families, senior and veterans at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas in 2016.

2017 Open for Contributions !

Now we are setting our sights on 2017. Please help us meet our goal of once again providing food for 10,000 hungry children, families, seniors and veterans during the holiday season in 2017.

You can make your donation by clicking on one of the buttons below.

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You can mail your donation to:

More Than Life

1900-12 Oro Dam Blvd, #255

Oroville CA 95966

Please include your email address.

Thank you for donating to feed the hungry this Holiday Season.

Help feed a hungry family this Thanksgiving

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