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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rev Dr Steven pray personally for each request?

Yes, every day (usually at 6pm) Rev Dr Steven prays for each request personally. In addition he has a team of Prayer Ministers who will also pray with him and at other times.

Why do I have to give a Seed of Faith?

You can read all about the Seed of Faith and why it is necessary in Rev Dr Steven’s book “Your Prayers – Answered” but we encourage you to give a Seed of Faith when you ask us to pray because it works. God responds to your sacrifice and will answer your prayer.

How much should I give?

That is something that only you can answer. A Seed of Faith is not a token, just a few bucks to say that you have given something, it is a sacrifice that will touch God’s heart and has to be meaningful to you. Only you, as you consider this before God can tell how much that should be. In the measure that you give, that will you also receive.

What happens to the money that I give?

All the money that we receive is used in the ministry of More Than Life or our sister ministries such as Turkey Club America. We are very aware that people make sacrifices to give to our ministry and use all the funds carefully to enable us to continue to bring God’s blessing to those who ask us to pray.

Do I have to give my Seed of Faith to More Than Life or can I give it to my local Church?

If you ask us to pray for you we believe that God would expect you to give your Seed of Faith to our ministry. If you ask your local church to pray then you should give to them. We never charge for prayer and will pray for you whether you give or not but we have found that God answers the prayers that we pray when you sow your Seed of Faith with our ministry.

Does my Seed of Faith have to be money, can’t I volunteer my time or make some other sacrifice?

Yes you can make your sacrifice any way you wish. We do not have a volunteer program so the only way we can accept your Seed of Faith is with money. If you would like us to pray for you and believe with you that God will hear and answer your prayer then your Seed of Faith has to be in monetary form.

You talk a lot about the Seed of Faith. Are you just after my money?

We talk a lot about the Seed of Faith because it works and is the greatest element in enabling God to answer your prayers. Yes, we want you to give to our ministry, that is how we are able to bring the message of answered prayer to so many. Mostly, we want you to receive an answer to your prayers and that will only happen when you sow your personal Seed of Faith so that is why we teach that it is necessary.

How can I learn more about the Seed of Faith?

To learn more about the Seed of Faith and why it is important to sow a Seed of Faith to get answers to your prayers you can click here...

How can I learn more about getting answers to my prayers?

We strongly suggest that you carefully and prayerfully read Rev Dr Steven’s life changing book “Your Prayers – Answered”. In it he covers all aspects of how you can receive answers to your prayers on a consistent basis.

You can click here to learn more about the Seed of Faith and why it is important to sow a Seed of Faith to get answers to your prayers.

Can I buy “Your Prayers – Answered” as a book to give to family and friends?

Yes Rev Dr Steven’s book is available in paperback. You can obtain a copy here...

Can I receive prayer over the phone?

Due to our very limited resources, that is not a service that we offer at this time. You can call our office and leave a message with your prayer request, but we prefer that you make your requests in writing by using the form on our website.

To sow your personal Seed of Faith - Click here

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