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“I love your book... I'm going to read it once again.”

“This book revolutionized the way that I pray. It is so simple I don’t know why I never saw it before.”

“Thank you so much, I always knew that God heard my prayer, now I know that when I sow a Seed of Faith he will answer it too.”

This website is dedicated to answered prayer.

Whatever your need, God has the answer and he is waiting to answer your prayer.

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Confess Your Sin

Confess your sins and be 100% sure that they are forgiven. It is not always easy to know that your sins are forgiven.

Sometimes you pray and confess your sins multiple times and still you don’t feel as though you have received forgiveness. Many times you are wracked with guilt for things that you have thought or said or done, things that you cannot discuss with anyone else and forgiveness seems a long way away.

Now you can be sure that your sins are forgiven, you can actually feel the forgiveness and let peace reign in your heart. Read More

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Read Rev Dr Steven’s life changing book “Your Prayers - Answered”

Whatever your need, God has the answer to your prayer all you have to do is ask. This book will show you how to ask and know that God is going to answer your prayer every time you pray. To order your copy click here

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Your Prayers - Answered

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