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“For years I have hoped that the right lady would come along to share my life. Since my divorce I have been lonely. I would look at my friends who are happily married and just wish that it would happen for me. Within days of turning my wish into a prayer I met my true love and just last week we were married. Life is so good now. Thank you for helping me make my dream into a reality.                                                  PG, Oregon*

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I needed a new car as my old one was so unreliable it kept breaking down. I couldn’t see any way that I could afford to get one. After I prayed the way you said, I not only got a better car but it was bright red, the color I always wanted.                                                   MS, Washington*

“My prayer has been answered. God has restored and renewed my marriage. After 20 years I feared that we were headed for divorce but all that has changed. It is nothing short of a miracle.”                                                 ST, Nebraska*

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Thank you for praying with me when my son was so ill. From the moment you prayed he started to get better and now he is completely well.                       BC, California*

I have got so many things on my prayer list that sometimes it seems impossible that they could all be answered but one by one God is answering every one of my prayers.                          LV, New Zealand*

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God healed my cancer

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The anointed Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth. Using this prayer cloth you join our prayers with yours  as together we ask God to meet your need. As you make your request and sow your Seed of Faith God will answer your prayer.

The Expect a Miracle Today Wristband. Wear this wristband as a reminder that God has heard and has promised to answer your prayer and as a witness to others that you believe that God answers prayer in response to your request and the sacrifice of the Seed of Faith.

Read Rev Dr Steven’s life changing book “Your Prayers - Answered”

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Read Rev Dr Steven’s Life Changing Book

“Your Prayers Answered”

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*These are real stories from real people who have visited this website. We can’t guarantee that your experience will be the same. God answers each prayer in his own way. Rev Dr Steven will personally pray that God will meet your need. To make your personal prayer request click here now.