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The Seed of Faith

Many people pray every day of their lives and do not get answers to their prayers. Many preachers teach about God answering prayer but their own prayers go unanswered. For many, answered prayer is a very hit and miss affair.

Sowing a Seed of Faith changes all that. The Bible says “Give and it will be given unto you. Full measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use to give it will be measured back to you.” And again “Whatever you sow, that will you also reap”.

If we want God to answer our prayers, full measure, pressed down and overflowing he  expects us to give our personal Seed of Faith as we ask him for whatever we want.

Sowing a Seed of Faith is the single most important element of receiving an answer to our prayers. It is the sacrifice that we make to touch the heart of God. The Seed of Faith is not a token, not just a few bucks that we give to follow a formula. The Seed of Faith is always sacrificial. It will always mean something big to us and be large enough to show God our sincerity in making our request.

To someone unemployed and in dire financial straits a few dollars might be a true sacrifice and be very acceptable to God. How much we give as our personal Seed of Faith to encourage God to hear and answer our prayers depends upon what is a real sacrifice to us. It is no good pretending to God, he knows our circumstances and although we may be able to fool others, we can never fool God.

God will always measure back to us with the measure that we give to him. If we try to short change him, he will not answer our prayer. If we come to him and present our genuine sacrifice, something that has really cost us and means a lot to us, he will keep his promise and give back to us full measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

If you want your prayer to be answered read “Your Prayers – Answered” and learn more about the Seed of Faith and why it is so important. It will revolutionize your life and open heaven’s floodgates of abundance into your life today.

A little time and effort spent today will reward you with a lifetime of answered prayer.

To sow your personal Seed of Faith, Click here...

More Questions about the Seed of Faith

To sow your personal Seed of Faith, click here...

Why do I have to sow a Seed of Faith?

Over the years as I have grown into this ministry of prayer I have learnt that in order to get an answer to my prayers, not only do I have to sow a Seed of Faith every time that I ask for anything it has to be the right seed, planted in the right place.

Many times I have begun to pray and not had that certainty that my prayer has been heard nor that it is going to be answered. Over the years of experience I have come to know with an absolute certainty when my prayer is heard and when my Seed of Faith that I have planted has started to bear fruit.

The biggest reason that prayers go unanswered is not the lack of fervor on the part of the one making the request, it isn’t the fact that they are not religious enough, it isn’t that they have phrased their prayer wrongly, it isn’t that they are asking for the wrong thing, it isn’t that they are being greedy, it isn’t that they do not believe that God will answer their prayer, it isn’t that they belong to the wrong church or perhaps do not belong to any church at all.

None of these will stop God answering your prayer. None of these will make God turn a deaf ear to your request.

I have known people who have prayed for day after day, week after week, month after month, even year after year. They have believed God would answer their prayer and when they have not received an answer it has only prompted them to pray harder, with more fervor, yet still they have not received their answer. Only when they have sowed a Seed of Faith have they seen the miracle of answered prayer performed in their own life.

If I have grown convinced of one thing in the many years that I have been involved with this ministry of prayer it is of this. To answer your prayer God requires a Seed of Faith to be sown, and that seed must be appropriate and sown in the right place.

What is an appropriate seed to sow? What is the right amount that I should give? What does God expect?

There is of course no simple answer to that question. There is no one size fits all solution that I can give that will work in every situation. I can quote many thousands of examples of seeds that have worked and have produced the fruit of answered prayer. I can quote some examples too of things that haven’t worked, where the prayer has not been answered and subsequently we have discovered that the seed was not appropriate.

So, what I can do is to draw upon the depth of my experience, upon the depth of many years of observing and participating in thousands upon thousands of answered prayers and give you some simple guidelines of what works and what doesn’t.

First, remember that you are not purchasing an answer to your prayer, you are sowing a Seed of Faith. If it was possible to buy an answer then the rich would have their prayers answered and the poor would not. If answers to prayer were granted to the highest bidder then you or I would likely never stand a chance to have our prayers answered. A Seed of Faith is not the purchase price of an answer to your prayer. For reasons that I will explain, the seed that you need to sow may well be different for two people who are making exactly the same request.

I guess it would be easy if there was a price list and you could look up your request and attached to it was the amount that you should pay to get it answered. It would be easy, but it would not be the way that God does things. He doesn’t sell his goodness. He doesn’t put a price tag on his bounty. God gives freely out of the goodness of his heart.

While this may be true he also wants us to appreciate what he gives to us. If we just pray and it costs us nothing then the answer to our prayers has no value. A spoiled child who is given everything that they want very soon takes everything for granted because there is no cost to their request.

God has given us the ability to pray and to receive an answer to our prayers, to share in the bounty of his universe, to enjoy the fruits of his creation, to get the benefit of physical, spiritual and material gifts which are ours for the asking. God expects us to share in the good things that he has made available to us and he asks that we sow a seed, a seed that is just enough that we feel it, not so little that we could pay it without noticing, not so great that it feels like we are simply buying our answer but enough that it is meaningful to us and to him.

We cannot put a price on many of the things for which we ask. For health and for healing, for love and for a family, for freedom from guilt or depression, for joy in our lives, there is no price we could pay that would make these things a reality.

For other things for which we ask there may well be a price that could be paid but we  cannot afford it or we would simply pay the price and not need to pray. A new car when the old one will not get us to work anymore, for the money to pay the mortgage and avoid a foreclosure, for food to put on the table, for a vacation for us and our family, so many things that we need or just simply want but cannot afford.

So it is not the price of an item, it is not the cost of a blessing, it is not the value of an answer that determines the seed that we must sow.

First the seed needs to be enough that you feel it. To a millionaire a seed of a thousand dollars would be meaningless. To someone who is unemployed a seed of ten or twenty dollars may be something that hurts. Whatever seed you sow it must be enough that you will appreciate the answer when you receive it. It is not the physical value of the seed, it is what it means to you.

Second, you cannot cheat on God. Only God will know what seed you have sown and only God can provide the answer to your prayer. If you try to cheat with the seed that you sow you simply will not get an answer. God knows how much it hurt you to sow that seed or how little it meant to you. You cannot pretend to him that it was something big to you, that you were sowing a seed in accordance with your faith when really you were trying to get his answer on the cheap. I may not know and would still pray for you with just the same determination and fervor but if you are pretending to God you should not be surprised if your answer does not come.

Third, the amount you sow should be appropriate to the size of what you are asking. If the answer means a great deal to you then the seed should mean a great deal to you too. This is a Seed of Faith. You are planting your faith so that God is going to answer your prayer. If you have little faith you will get small answers.

What about Faith?

Many people believe that they do not receive the answer to their prayer because somehow they do not have enough faith. I have seen ministers tell their people that they did not receive the answer to their prayer because they were lacking in faith and I have seen the people go away in tears because they simply did not know how to muster up any more. This is the beauty of the Seed of Faith. It is tangible, it is something that you can touch and feel. It is not just something that you are supposed to have and do not know how to get. It is not faith itself, it is the Seed of Faith. Something that you can give that will both express the faith you have that God will answer your prayer and cause faith to grow.

If you do not believe that you have sown a big enough Seed of Faith, you don’t have to somehow magically summon up some more faith that you don’t have from within yourself, you just have to sow a bigger seed.

What if I can’t afford it?

God will never expect you to sow a seed that is too great for you to bear. I have known times when God has required much. Sometimes I have prayed and asked if I really had to go to this extent to get the answer to my prayer. Sometimes the seed has seemed as though it was too big to bear, but God has proved to me that however hard it might be, he will never ask too much. It may not be easy to sow a Seed of Faith. By definition, if it was easy it would not be faith, but it will never be impossible. There will always be a way that you can afford what God is asking of you.

Sowing a Seed of Faith will always require a sacrifice. The amount of your seed of faith will never be so small that it is insignificant to you. You should be prepared that you will have to go without something, you will have to put off buying something that you want, you will have to dig deep into your resources. If it seems too little then most likely it is. You can rely on that still, small voice within you to know when you have gotten it right. If it means little to you then it is not a Seed of Faith. It doesn’t have to bankrupt you but it does have to be meaningful, it has to hurt some, it has to be a sacrifice.

What Can I expect ?

What you sow, that shall you also reap. It matters what you sow. If you want to reap an answer to your prayer then you must sow a Seed of Faith. Remember that you cannot fool God, you can’t try to trick God and get away with it. He is the one that is providing the answer and he knows what you have sown as your seed of faith. He knows if the seed is a real sacrifice or just a token.

God just loves to answer our prayers and he is always willing to do so. God delights in giving, that is why he invented prayer in the first place. God is never mean or tight with his resources he always wants to give us more, not less.

If we make our request, sow our Seed of Faith and water it with prayer we can expect to reap a rich harvest of answered prayer.

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