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God Heals with the anointing of the Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth

Read here how through prayer, the laying on of hands and the Seed of Faith God worked miracles in the lives of these people.

Request your Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth today.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was given just three months to live. I had been experiencing some problems breathing and had some pain in my chest but generally I felt quite healthy. I went to see the doctor who ordered some tests and that was when my whole life fell apart. At 53 years old I expected to have years ahead of me, my youngest son was just 13 years old and now I was going to die.

The doctor was very plain, they could try some therapies but at best they would give me maybe a few weeks more and at worst they could make my last few months unbearable.

I grew up as a Christian and always believed that God would answer prayers. Although I didn’t still go to church I did sometimes pray. It was my son who suggested that we pray and ask God to heal me. I didn’t really believe that he was going to but, mainly to please the family, I agreed and we all prayed.

Nigel, my son, went on the internet and found Rev Dr Steven and the More Than Life Church. I ordered Rev Dr Steven’s book “Your Prayers – Answered” and read about sowing the Seed of Faith for God to answer our prayers.

At first I didn’t know what to think, I thought that they were probably just out to take my money, but I guess desperate people do desperate things. We talked about it as a family and decided that if we were going to take this seriously it was not going to be enough just to send in a few bucks. We needed a big answer and that was going to require a big sacrifice from us. In the end we decided on our Seed of faith and asked Rev Dr Steven to pray for me and to send me a Prayer Cloth that he had prayed over.

The minute I touched the cloth when it arrived I knew that something was different. I physically felt something happen in my chest. I didn’t dare believe that this was healing, I couldn’t face the disappointment if it wasn’t real, but I knew in my heart that God had worked some kind of a miracle.

Now two years later I am fit, healthy and there is not a trace of the cancer in my body. I have heard it all, mind over matter, wrong diagnosis, everyone tries to tell me why it could not have happened but I know that the minute I touched that Prayer Cloth, God healed me.

Now, every month, I send my tithe to More Than Life as my Gift of Thanks to them and to God for the fact that I will live to see my family grow up.

                                                  Simon L   NY

I came to America over 40 years ago, I am a grandmother and have a wonderful family. Three years ago we found out that my beautiful granddaughter Louisa had a heart defect. She was in the hospital 13 times in just two years but nothing seemed to work. They kept her alive but she couldn’t do anything that normal kids do. They said that there was not much hope that she would see her 6th birthday.

We left my country because they would not let us pray so I always pray to God and to Jesus and thank him that I am in this wonderful country. I prayed for little Louisa, all my family prayed for her and we asked many others to pray too but things always get worse.

I wrote to Rev Dr Steven and asked him to pray. He said he would pray but that if we really wanted God to answer we should sow a Seed of Faith. He said that God often answered when we make a sacrifice to show him that we are serious about what we ask.

I asked all my family to sow a Seed of Faith for my little Louisa. Even the children saved up some of their money. Rev Dr Steven sent us a Prayer Cloth that he and all the church had prayed over and touched and we laid the cloth on Louisa’s heart and asked God to make her well.

From that day she started to get better. It didn’t happen all at once but instead of her getting worse she got better. There is still a long way to go and every day I pray for her and often I write to Rev Dr Steven and ask him to keep praying. Louisa has not needed to go in the hospital now for months. Every day she is a little better. Thank you Jesus, thank you Rev Dr Steven and More Than Life. One day Louisa will be able to thank you herself.


                                              Veronika K   FL

I really didn’t believe it would work. It sounded too much like magic or a scam so for many months I didn’t do anything about it. I bookmarked www.morethanlife.org  and kept going back to the site, I even downloaded the book and read it all but still I didn’t do anything about it. Every now and again I would go back and look at the site and in particular the page about the Expect a Miracle Prayer Cloth.

Two things stopped me from making a request.

First they wanted money and I knew that couldn’t be right and second my problem was too personal to talk about. I sort of understood about the Seed of Faith and what Rev Dr Steven said in his book made sense, but still I knew that God didn’t charge for prayer so it had to be wrong. I talked to my Pastor – about the Seed of Faith, not about my problem – and he agreed.

Still I was drawn back to the website. I thought about sending a request without sending any money but that seemed wrong as they made it clear that they believed in the Seed of Faith. In the end I plucked up my courage and sent in my request with a very small Seed of Faith. Rev Dr Steven sent me a Prayer Cloth and amazingly my problem went away.

Fast forward a few weeks and it all came back again. That is when it came clear to me. I was lying in bed and in terrible pain when I suddenly realized what God was trying to tell me. This time I sent in a real Seed of Faith and asked for prayer again.

My problem has gone away now, I haven’t had it back for over 6 months now and I think it has gone for good. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

                                                                                                                                                              Susan P    WY

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*These are real stories from real people who have visited this website. We can’t guarantee that your experience will be the same. God answers each prayer in his own way. Rev Dr Steven will personally pray that God will meet your need. To make your personal prayer request click here now.