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Make a Prayer Request with The Expect A Miracle Wristband

Wearing the metallic golden colored Expect a Miracle Today Wristband is a constant reminder that God is at work answering your prayer.

Whatever it is that you have asked God to do for you, if you have sown your Seed of Faith, you know that you can expect him to answer your prayer.

The  Expect a Miracle Wristband is also a great witness to others that you believe in the power of prayer.

We do not charge to pray for you. You can choose what Seed of Faith you wish to sow with your prayer request. We will  add $3.50 for shipping and handling. If you would like to receive a wristband without sowing your Seed of Faith just mail $3.50 shipping and handling and we will send one out to you free of charge. Be sure to include your prayer request and Rev Dr Steven will pray for you.

To make your prayer request and receive your personal Expect a Miracle Wristband, click on the wristband below. You will be redirected to a prayer request form after you have sown your Seed of Faith. We will add a one-time shipping and handling charge of $3.50 to each donation.

Click on the wristband                           to order.

Why do I need to sow a Seed of Faith?

Will the Wristband guarantee that my prayer is answered?

Does Rev Dr Steven Pray for each request personally?

For the answers to these and other questions  please click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

May God bless you and answer all your prayers.

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More Than Life inc is a 501(c)3 registered not for profit organization. All donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.

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You can use the secure wristband button above to sow your Seed of Faith or you can send your Seed of Faith and shipping costs to:

More Than Life

1900-12 Oro Dam Blvd



CA 95966